For the daily burn advisory call:



view Oregon DEQ's daily burn announcement below

To file a smoke complaint about a legal backyard or agricultural burn please call the Oregon DEQ hotline at:


If there is a concern for safety do not hesitate to dial 911

Burn regulations and Advisories

Monroe Rural Fire Protection District issues a daily burn advisory guided by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. We provide daily information on burn restrictions through our Burn Line. If the information for the current day has not been updated on the Burn Line, please look over the Oregon DEQ announcement below.

some things are never allowed to be burned

Oregon DEQ sets the state regulations for what is and is not allowed to be burned for disposal. Some common items/substances found around the house that are never allowed to be burned include, but are not limited to:

        • Asbestos

        • Garbage

        • Animals or Livestock

        • Tar or Asphalt

        • Paint

        • Building Materials

        • Buildings or Accessory Structures

        • Automotive Parts (Including Tires)

All fires must be attended throughout the burn, and you must have a water source on site with a shovel. Our department responds to wildland fires that are caused by out of control burn piles every year. Please practice fire safety with any type of burn, only you can prevent wildfires.

For a complete list of burn regulations, please visit Oregon DEQ's website at:


Oregon DEQ Daily Burn Announcement